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The WEDS Refresh is Underway!

Our region is in need of a refreshed strategy, an agreed set of priorities and an action plan for our ever-changing future. Stakeholder and community engagement will commence shortly to help inform the new action plan for 2022 and beyond. Please contact us if you would like to schedule an interview and ensure your voice is heard!

What's Happening?

The Wairarapa needs a refreshed collaborative regional economic development strategy to guide long-term direction with a focused action plan over the next three, five and ten years.

The WEDS Forum is independently chaired by Adrienne Young-Cooper with representatives from all three Wairarapa district councils, iwi, GWRC and industry leaders. The Forum is committed to working together to help set direction, prioritise, fund, and help enable focused economic initiatives to complement the wider Wellington region.

WellingtonNZ has recently appointed two Wairarapa-based staff, Jacinda Johnston (Programme Manager) and Natasha Kyd (Executive Assistant/Project Coordinator) to drive the new strategy and implement the action plan.

HenleyHutchings has been commissioned by Masterton District Council, on behalf of the three local district councils and WellingtonNZ, to undertake a review of the 2018 strategy and work with the community to prepare a new forward-thinking strategy and action plan. This work is already underway. If you would like more information, contact details are below.

The refresh, expected to be completed in March 2022, will inform the Wellington Regional Economic Development Plan.