Workforce Development

The Wairarapa Economic Development Strategy Action Plan committee commissioned a Workforce Development Plan which was completed October 2020. The committee established a Wairarapa Regional Skills Leadership Group (WRSLG) to work with industry and educators towards building a workforce that better meets the needs of our region into the future.

The WRSLG has appointed Pattie O'Boyle as Chair, she represents the region's industry and educators at a regional level.

Recommended focus areas

We consider the following areas as worthy of immediate attention:

  • Strengthen primary sector training – to have Wairarapa people training for Wairarapa jobs (responding to replacement rather than growth) and Wairarapa people replacing lost migrants. There is a need for reskilling and upskilling, as well as entry training.

  • Strengthen construction training – to assist with transport and infrastructure projects that will be funded by Government. Also, to respond to residential building driven by population increase.

  • Strengthen business training at all levels – to help the recovery of small businesses, minimise losses in the manufacturing sector and build new businesses in the added-value food sector.

  • Develop health and related services – continue and potentially expand training to supply health facilities, particularly aged care, and replace loss of immigrant labour in this sector.

  • Strengthen technology training - for application in business and in the delivery of health and education services to remote parts of the region.

  • Strengthen tertiary training in Wairarapa generally – to absorb the inevitable increase in unemployment, to change the unskilled/semi-skilled profile of the area and to use the COVID-19 period to improve skills across the board.

  • Strengthen learner support in the school to learning/work transition and the tertiary learning to work transition to ensure learners have positive experiences.