The WaiPay Project is a long term initiative to address the changes happening in the retail payments sector.  We want to ensure the Wairarapa is ready and able to take advantage of the opportunities that exist.  The project will:

  • Up skill local retailers with more future focused point of sale systems (that can cater to our incoming Chinese visitors but will also potentially save them money and future proof their businesses)

  • Put together a package of point of sale solutions that retailers can access more cheaply than their current ones, and help them transition 

  • Manage a portal of information about retail tech - on a page on the Grow Wairarapa site called The WaiPay Project - to point our retailers to

  • Run a series of workshops for retailers around the region on what's happening in the world in retail tech, how to get on board etc 

  • Simultaneously run digital awareness campaigns for shoppers (QR codes around the streets etc) to get them more tech savvy and comfortable using their phones/alternative means of payment

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