Resources and tools:  Retail trends, payment technologies and more

The Regional Rollercoaster

Find out what is happening to retail in our regions and what you can do about it

AfterPay Presentation

What is it and why your store might need it - presentation made to Wairarapa retailers 14th October 2019

Video:  How POS works for hospo

Watch the PosBoss team step through how to set up POS in a hospo business

Point of Sale Systems

What are they exactly?

Contactless Payments

What are they, what are your options and how do they work .According to ANZ

Can tech save retail bricks and mortar?

This one will blow your mind.  Take on Amazon, no matter how small youru business...

Retail Tech Predictions

Depending on who you ask, the retail apocalypse is either already happening or just about to start. ...

WeChat and AliPay

Read on for an overview of how China transacts and what we should do about it...

Buy Now Pay Later: Bundll

like a debit card on steroids! Perfect for milennial shoppers...

Future of Retail Report 2019

Understand the impact of tech on consumer preferences

What is Eftpos?

Yes contactless is the way forward but if you need a refresher on what Eftpos is - read on!

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