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Step into Virtual Reality, Gaming and the Metaverse

The Grow WaiTech Strategy Group is running an information session with funding support from Kai Pai Carterton.  Come and hear about what is happening in the gaming and online entertainment industries, the new economies, jobs and how to be a part of it.

3.30pm, Friday 29 April at the Carterton Event Centre, get your tickets here!

Our session will be focused on educating and inspiring, with speakers, the CEO of Beyond VR Studios and NZ E-Sport Federation to share their insights. The CEO of Beyond, Jessica, will share her fantastic true life story of how she has built a gaming studio from a small office in Wellington that is now leading the world in VR experiences.  Jessica is very well placed to talk about growth pains, gaps in the talent market and the new roles that are being created. Jonathan Jansen, NZ E-Sport Federation will share his plans NZESF with a focus on building participation at the grassroots level, strengthening competitive pathways, developing educational resources and chasing the inclusion of E-Sport in international sporting events.

Our first workshop is to talk about:
●    Why gaming is a growth industry
●    Where the industry is heading
●    Why NZ is competing and in some areas leading the way
●    How our people can focus their learning
●    What the new roles are in gaming development
●    What the future looks like for creative people as well as technical people

This could include participation expectations, opportunity expectations and salary expectations. The workshop will be for anyone, however we will market the workshop to artists, musicians, digital creatives, video technicians and all who pick up a joystick, remote control, keyboard, microphone and camera. After the workshop we are aiming to learn from the attendees…
●    Was it useful?
●    What was their interest?
●    Can they see themselves being a part of the Gaming industry?
●    How could they be a part?
●    What do they want to learn?
●    What should we run next?

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