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Fortnight in review: 17th - 28th June

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

*Steering Group met to review the success factors in the WEDSAP and observed that the focus areas in the WEDS remain broadly appropriate, that the key lenses with which to prioritise the work programme are job growth, disposable income, and skills, and that more aspirational WEDS objectives were appropriate in these three key areas to provide stretch.

*The Tourism Action Group are working on tourism metrics for the region to confirm where our focus should be in the WEDS. A food tourism event is being scoped for 2020.

*The Food Action Group are progressing the Food and Beverage Trust and the Wairarapa Food Precinct PGF Application. The programme team hosted visitors from Massey University's FoodHQ to review the Food Precinct concept and to confirm ways to collaborate.

*A focus group for food businesses was held on 25th June at 3Mile Co-working to help shape the approach and test the feasibility of several project initiatives. 18 businesses attended.

*The Knowledge Intensive Action Group progressed 'The WaiPay Project' - an initiative they've established to provide locals and visitors with many ways to pay using more future focused point of sale systems that can future proof their businesses, potentially obtain better rates from the banks through bundling, and help meet the demands of the Asian market. The GrowWairarapa website is being updated with WaiPay resources and details of workshops will be marketed soon.

*35 people attended the Angel Investment information evening at 3Mile, at which presentations were made by one of our region's successful start ups (Joiy) and angel investors. From this a network is being formed, to focus on early stage investments in high growth businesses.

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