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Fortnight in Review (18 Feb - 1 March 2019)

Programme Manager: Regional Engagement activities:

* Anna Nielson, Toast Martinborough: briefing on Food Story work to date and key stakeholders

* Water Security and Resilience: members of all local councils, the regional council, WREDA, community groups, iwi and Whaitua met and gathered an overview of projects underway relating to sustainable water supply.

* Competenz' Strategic Engagement team: information exchange for context for any future skills related projects.

* YETE and Wairarapa Tertiary Advisory Group: history of the YETE, and focus for the WTAG - Programme Manager will participate in this group.

Other activities:

* Wairarapa Economic Development Strategy Governance Group signed a letter of support and sent to the Martinborough Dark Skies project team to include as part of their application to the Provincial Growth Fund.

* Confirmation of Ngati Rangitāne and Ngati Kahungunu representation on the Governance Group and Steering Group

* Consultation with CreativeHQ regarding a potential Food tech Accelerator and Incubator in the region

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