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Fortnight in review: 20th - 31st May

*Governance Group meeting: met and approved a letter of support to accompany an application to the Provincial Growth Fund for a business incubator for the region, which has been submitted now. An additional letter of support is being supplied by Business Wairarapa. Discussion was also held on the need to regroup to progress our Water Resilience Strategy.

*Draft principles for a vocational skills training proposal are being worked on between Mayors, Iwi, Community Leaders and Educational providers and will be presented to Ministers.

*Hosted Ministers and community leaders for the announcement of the $800,000 funding to Water Wairarapa Ltd.

*Progressed requirements for street, urban and rural lighting as part of achieving Dark Sky Reserve status for the Wairarapa.

*Assisted a local entrepreneur to develop a case for funding a high quality publication to showcase the region's stories.

*Assisted a local entrepreneur to submit a funding application to the Ministry for the Environment's Waste Minimisation Fund, to develop animal feed from food waste.

*Developed a dashboard for Tourism Data in order to monitor progress of projects within the WEDS against our KPIs.

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