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Fortnight in review: 5 - 16 August 2019

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

*Support provided to the team at Pukaha Mt Bruce in the preparation of their PGF funding application to expand and enhance the visitor and education facilities on site.

*The Knowledge Intensive team worked with REAP to support Kuranui school's upcoming careers expo (17th September).

*WellingtonNZ worked with the WEDS Programme team to update their lists of local Wairarapa business networks and support to ensure relevant connections are made and advice given to Wairarapa businesses reaching out to them.

*WellingtonNZ Business Advisor (Aaron McLeigh) was hosted by the WEDS team at 3Mile and introductions made to three local businesses for advice on funding and business growth. Aaron will spend one day per month in 3Mile to maintain local business relationships.

*The Tourism Action Group to review progress on the Paua Festival - confirmed for the last week in April. The Festival will have a consumer focussed food based event in Masterton, supported by region wide events themed around Paua and seafood.

*The WaiPay project team finalized details of a launch event in October, met with the Wairarapa Wine Country members to discuss an opportunity with AliPay and will be announcing the full scope of the project to retailers in the region next week.

*Submitted an application to the Provincial Growth Fund for a Wairarapa Food and Beverage Hub - a key component of the 2018 Wairarapa Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan which highlighted value-added food and beverage as a growth key sector. Crucially, this project will connect with established initiatives both inside and outside of the region, including FoodHQ, The Factory, Rangitāne Tū Mai Rā, Destination Wairarapa, Business Wairarapa, Pure Wairarapa, Wairarapa Wine Country and The Olive Press - to amplify the Government’s investment in the regions. The Wairarapa region has never had a dedicated Food and Beverage Hub that takes into consideration the specifics of the business landscape and economic profile of the region. If funding is successful, the project will deliver a viable commercial proposition to scale from, an established food and beverage brand with a clear USP and a multi-channel marketing strategy generating job growth, stimulating new and growing established business ,and building a more efficient, confident and resilient economy across multiple sectors. This application was supported by the Governance Group for the Wairarapa Economic Development Strategy.

*The Wairarapa Food & Beverage Trust (applicants to the PGF for the Food Hub) worked on a skills matrix and role description for additional Trustees and will be publicising this shortly. A presentation was also made to Masterton District Council and reported on in the Wairarapa Times-Age.

*A business case to create a Composite Manufacturing Centre of Excellence in the region is being progressed.

*The Steering Group discussed options for reviewing the WEDS, economic development priorities and delivery options given the one year anniversary of the document's publication is imminent.

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